Hi!  So I’m Baz.  I live in London, love film and literature, am a keen feminist, have a degree and an interest in psychology, and I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky bloke… on the outside.  And sometimes on the inside too…  If only it wasn’t for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

See my first post ‘An Introduction – Who is this Baz bloke then?  And what’s his problem?’ to see a little bit about my history with OCD.  I’m working on getting better, and this blog is to share that, and also raise awareness about OCD and Mental Health, challenge myths, fight stigma, and offer a helping hand to others out there.  In any examples from my own life, all names of anyone real that I refer to are changed.  Be aware that there is occasional bad language – I’ll try to keep that to a minimum.  I may not always be brave enough to share all details of any current OCD issues, but I’ll try to be pretty candid about my past experiences.  And I’ll share learning, advice, support.  Be aware of course, that all view are my own; and I’m not a trained therapist or healthcare professional – if you need help contact your GP, the Samaritans, a counselor or an A&E department.

As well as all this mental health malarkey, I’ll also post about my passions – Film, Literature and Feminism.

Please follow me on twitter at @bazcharleton (only if you like, of course!)