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Hi everyone – thanks for visiting the blog.  The sections about OCD / Mental Health are designed to help and inform, and build into an ongoing narrative.  If and when you have the time it may be worth going back to the first post ‘Introduction: Who’s this Baz Bloke Then?  And What’s His Problem’ – and the story builds from there.  To do so please go to ‘Menu’ – then ‘Blog’ and scroll down to the first (bottom) post (ignoring the ‘other content’ sections).

Please do follow the blog.  To do so scroll to the bottom of this page, and find the ‘Follow’ button.  Enter your e-mail address to receive e-mail updates when new posts are published.  As I say, the intent it to inform and help, so do share so this reaches as many people as possible.

Other posts about feminism, film and literature (to come soon) will be occasional and stand alone.